Everest Paragliders

The 12 meters is very nice in high winds.

The 14 meters is another good choice for ground handling and can also be flown by very experienced and sporty pilots.


Extremely light and compact with limited 12m² & 14m² sizes. Easy to carry!


The WINDPLAY is produced with the best material combination for ground handling glider:
40 gr/m² PA66 fabrics with PU + Silicon coating with Liros Dyneema PPSLS li
nes. This equipment is one of the most durable currently on the market.


Easy to use with simple 3 risers system.


The Windplay is ideal for ground handling and kiting in strong winds.

Kiting is one of the most important aspects of paramotor training.

The WINDPLAY   is designed for ground handling. Providing the best way to perfect your inflation technique, take off maneuvers and master your kiting abilities. Usable in strong wind, it’s the ideal tool to progress in all conditions.

The smaller sizes of the WINDPLAY  minimizes the risks during ground handling. Students are less likely to be dragged or picked up while kiting. The wing’s quick reactions to brake input and footwork help to accelerate the progression of the pilot.

Top/Bottom fabrics: 40gr/m² – 30D Nylon 6.6 high tenacity with PU+Silicone​ coating

Profiles: Pro-Nyl 36 gr/m²  High Tenacity Nylon Rip-Stop hard finish

Reinforcements:  2,5 mm Nylon

Liros® Dyneema 0,76 mm – 45,0 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,05 mm – 121,4 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,20 mm – 142,9 daN
Liros® Dyneema 1,58 mm – 182,3 daN

Risers: Polyester 15mm 1600kg

Pulleys: Nylon 12 mm


14 meters = $1,200.00
12 meters = $950.00

Flat area (m²) 12 14
Cells 27 27
Flat Aspect Ratio 4,75 4,75
Projected Aspect Ratio 3,63 3,63
Glider weight (kg) 2,5 3,0
  • 27 cells
  • Use of 40 gr/m² nylon 6.6 light fabric on top and bottom surface of the canopy for a high durability
  • Flexible nylon battens reinforcements


The Windplay we have in stock at the moment:

If you want to order another size and colors, please contact us Eric Dufour:
352-461-4641, or info@paratour.com

Blue, orange & white
12 meters

Turquoise, orange & white
14 meters

Turquoise, orange & white
14 meters