Our Team

Eric Dufour

Since 18 years of age, Eric Dufour has lived his life fully and with passion through aviation sports and started as sky diving instructor and private pilot.  Proud of his achievements, since 1992, he has taught with his teams, well over 1,500 pilots (including instructors) in Canada and the USA.  Now at 64-year-old, he is a Sport Pilot #10291955 (USA), Transport Canada Ultralight instructor #Q211928 and http://www.usppa.org/ (USA) training committee member and instructor examiner.  He is also a paraglider rigger and expert witness.

Because of his exceptional talent as a paramotor instructor, he earned the American EB-1 visa, which given to those are foreign nationals who either have “extraordinary abilities”, or are “outstanding professors or researchers”.

Pioneering in this sport in North America, he is one of the leaders in paramotor teaching and is the one who started the simulator trainer.  His teaching techniques make learning easier, safer and faster.  This is the reason why some of his techniques are now used in different schools across America and Europe.

He won first place at the US national paramotor competitions in 2003, 2005 and 2006, as well as first place for spot landing with engine out during the Basse-Ham 2002 fly-in, France and Pizzo 2003 fly-in, Italy and has quit comps in at the end of 2006.

He was part of an expedition with the National Geographic to fly over an area known to be the most prolific in volcano activity, Kamchatka, Russia.

Dufour, who has come up with one of the best paramotor training curriculums available in North America for foot launching and trike techniques, is renowned for his detail-oriented approach that leads to high quality training in a safe atmosphere.  He has taught to some of the best PPG pilots on this continent, which he says is the best reward an instructor can get.

Jonathan Carr

He made his first attempt to fly when he was 3 years old, shortly after watching Peter Pan. While this may of led to a broken arm and dislocated elbow, it certainly did not dampen his passion for aviation.

When he turned 18, he became a licensed skydiver before graduating high school. Jonathan went on to complete a BS in Biology & Environmental Science and a MS in Conservation Biology & Business from the University of Central Florida.

While in school his passion for aviation never subsided, he trained with Eric Dufour every weekend for 2 years before becoming a certified USPPA instructor. Now with over 600 flights and several hundred hours of flight time, Carr is a progressing paramotor acro pilot and welcomed new addition to the Paramotor Academy family.

Marco Busse

From an early age Marco was always fascinated by flight. As a young boy, he dreamed of one day becoming a commercial pilot. Instead, life took him in a different direction, and he became a video game developer and moved to Florida. But he never lost the yearning for flight.

After dabbling in various flight hobbies such as hang-gliding and skydiving, he met Eric Dufour in 2012, and finally found exactly what he had been looking for! The ability to take to the skies with just a small motor on his back and a wing over his head was an experience like no other. To navigate the world in 3D like a bird, inches above the grass one moment and 1,000 feet up in the air the next was life changing.

For the next 7 years, Marco spent as much time as he could in the air, expanding his skills and making new friends in the sport. In 2019, he decided he wanted to find a way to give back to the sport that had given him so much happiness and freedom. Once again, he teamed up with Eric Dufour; this time to learn how to become a skilled and safe instructor. Marco is now happy to be part of this incredible team and is passionate about introducing others to this amazing adventure that is paramotoring.